Working with Dyan through the conscious uncoupling program was a journey of self-discovery filled with tenderness, honesty and openness. Dyan guided me from inner turmoil to a place filled with love and kindness for myself, my former partner and the people closest to me.  Dyan’s undivided attention and presence, probing questions and kind approach helped me sort through “the uncomfortable” to a feeling of peace.  I learned more in four months than in years of therapy.  Dyan is a warm, caring, patient person with a warm soul. A true gem. Thank you, Dyan, from the bottom of my heart.


Conscious Uncoupling client

In the few months that I worked with Dyan, I feel like I garnered more insights and realizations about myself and how I show up in intimate relationships than 10+ years of therapy. Dyan was a great listener, asked great questions, provided very thorough follow up after each session and shared some very wise insights and reflections. She held a very safe space for me explore what is going on for me internally and to allow for healing to occur.

Andrew W.

Conscious Uncoupling client

Dyan was incredibly supportive, compassionate, and professional during our coaching sessions. I am so grateful for the gentle, loving way she supported me through a difficult transition in my life. My work with Dyan allowed me to breakthrough and release old patterns and replace them with new self-loving practices that have truly shifted my life. I am now in a loving, supportive relationship with a man who honors me on all levels, and most importantly, I now have the tools to honor and love myself on all levels. My work with Dyan taught me that I no longer have to earn love, but rather that who I am is love. That was a HUGE shift in my beliefs to accept that I am deserving of love without having to earn it. Thank you, Dyan, for teaching me new tools to practice this level of self-love and for being such an incredible, supportive coach!

Sarah S.

Conscious Uncoupling client

I highly recommend Dyan and the Conscious Uncoupling coaching process to anyone who feels like they have a past relationship that doesn’t feel fully resolved. Going through the steps showed me clearly how I have been showing up in relationships, how I have been treating myself, and the connection between the two – and how this has deeply affected all of my relationships. It has been a very powerful process that has continued to create lasting change in my life. Dyan creates a very compassionate and nurturing space that makes it safe and easy to do this work. She is insightful and skilled at asking the right questions at the right moment, and I’m grateful to have had the chance to do this life-changing work with her.

Petula L.

Conscious Uncoupling client

Dyan has a unique ability to read one’s state and assist them in following threads that guide them to understand their underlying emotions and background. This is done through her honest compassion and full presence. It is a real pleasure to have the chance to sit with her, whether in person or by skype/phone.

Ed K.

Intuitive Coaching client

Dyan Ferguson’s readings are characterized by brightness, richness and great depth. She read my primary relationship months before I realized how true, profound  and useful her readings would come to be. They were broad in perspective, comprehensive and detailedincluding practical, nuanced information and about my relationship with my partner.

I had been acting out of unconscious patterns, reacting out of long-ingrained defenses. But I didn’t fully know it, or know how to deal with it.

Before I was ready to change, or able see it clearly, Dyan brought my attention to [showed me] the details of what was going on under the surface. She gave me a broad vision of the situation with a lot of depth, compassion and clarity. So I was informed when a turning point occurred.

If I had not consulted with her, out of ignorance and not knowing how to respond appropriately, I would have let this relationship go. But instead, I ended up meeting the best opportunity of my life.

Equally important, she has read my life purpose, equally clearly and with laser-sharp brightness and love. I am deeply appreciative of her gifts.

Sara Spector

Intuitive Reading client

Dyan is wonderful! She was able to guide me through some things that I wasn’t fully consciously aware of. I love how she explains her process and her messages it made some things that had been said to me before by other intuitives actually make sense. I can’t wait to work with Dyan again!

Jade K.

Intuitive Reading client

I’ve had several readings with Dyan. Each have not only been extremely profound but a wealth of important information. I’m always blown away by what she is able to bring through. I have experienced many psychic readings over the course of my life but none have been as detailed or accurate. Dyan gets information from her unique gift of seeing, hearing and feeling which is why the readings are so in depth. Each time I’m left not only with new information but tangible steps to take to move forward. I would highly recommend Dyan to anyone who is searching for guidance. She’s the real deal. A true natural!

Thank you Dyan!

Kriste Johnson

Intuitive Reading client

Dyan is patient, compassionate and insightful. She has an uncanny ability to hone in on the deeper layers underlying whatever questions or issues you have. Her intuitive and coaching abilities have helped guide me on multiple occasions, especially during those tricky, uncertain times.

Colleen O'Connor

Intuition Classes, Intuitive Reading client

Dyan is a fantastic reader and spiritual teacher! Her insights have helped me tremendously in my life! One recent example is that thanks to her, I have a piano studio that I absolutely love; she was able to read what colors would be best, energetically, in the space. Even though I tried using my own intuition, I wasn’t able to come up with this color combination, but I love it with all my heart and I feel wonderful in my studio every day!

She is also a phenomenal spiritual teacher and coach. Through working with her, I have learned how to respond in the best way, in the moment, when my deepest fears arise. She has a very deep understanding of the spirit and psyche, and she has many, many spiritual and practical tools that have been so helpful to me! I highly recommend Dyan to anyone as a reader, spiritual teacher and coach!

Esperansa Romani Flaquer-Lynch

Intuition Classes, Intuitive Reading client

I’ve been attending Dyan’s “Developing Intuition” classes since February 2015. Dyan sets a topic for each class and comes prepared with information and exercises to help us focus. She creates a supportive environment for practicing, and her guided meditation exercises are excellent! Since starting her classes I’ve become more comfortable recognizing intuitive information when it comes, e.g., how an intuitive thought presents itself as an image, feeling, word, or metaphor. Dyan is helping me trust myself more as I learn to interpret and apply the information, e.g., does it feel right to me? She is knowledgeable about the many ways there are to access intuition, and I like that she encourages each class member to explore and find the ways that work best for them. Lastly, she encourages us to have fun while we’re learning, a reminder I always appreciate! I’d recommend her classes to anyone interested in exploring intuition, and practicing their intuitive skills.


Intuition Classes

Great group! Everyone is friendly, open, and supportive, and Diane knows her stuff and is very down to earth and welcoming.


Intuition Classes