About Dyan

I have been thinking about the secret to happiness my entire life! I first began journaling about it at age 11 as a way to escape my own suffering, and I have never stopped exploring what makes us suffer and what makes us happy. I am deeply passionate and committed to this exploration, and I continue to learn something new every day, but at this stage in my life, my predominant experiences in life are joy, passion and excitement.

When I turned 50 earlier this year, I decided to commit to being of service. For now, this includes sharing the tools and practices I’ve learned with anyone who has even the slightest curiosity or desire to be happier, in as many ways as I can. I’m committed to compassion and empathy, and holding space for you and your journey, as you transform beliefs and conditioning into freedom, self doubt into endlessly expanding self-love, and suffering and depression into celebration and joy.

I’ve spent years examining and experimenting with God, religion, buddhism, psychotherapy, energy practices and psychism. I have traveled the world, much of it alone, attended silent retreats and meditated for countless hours, and I have learned to transform my thinking and state of being in an instant. What has been significant is learning how not to create additional suffering by taking life personally, believing my thoughts or worrying in advance. These are some of the biggest ways we create our own suffering! Instead, I have learned to deeply hear, see and love myself. This is what gives us the capacity to love, see and hear others. I have also learned to observe life and my thinking, to see how I have created my own circumstances and how to create my own path and my own meaning. Perhaps most importantly, I’m grateful to have found a doorway into the heart that is real and experiential. It’s a home, a refuge, and an unlimited source of love, generosity and God.

Along the way, I have completed the following programs or obtained the following certifications:

Reiki 1 and 2 certifications
Theta Healing, Level 1 certification
Year-Long Clairvoyant program at Aesclepion, San Rafael, California
Conscious Uncoupling Coach, certified by Katherine Woodward Thomas, MFT
Certified Professional Coach, certified by Professional Coach Academy and Sherry Prindle
Robbins-Maddanes Strategic Intervention Life Coaching certification – in progress

My intention is to meet every client with extraordinary love and compassion, and to bring deep listening and an open, welcoming heart to every session.

My vision is for each client to experience self-love and compassion in even just one session, and over a series of sessions, to be able to stand in your own power and self-love, knowing what you want, fearless, ready to receive the love and life you deserve and desire.